In Saint James, there are timeless basics, but all the models are renewed and designed for each of the two annual collections: Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter.

In Saint James, involvement is crucial. With each A MATTER OF STYLE season, they are inventing new models. The « stylists’ office» is at the crossroads of technology and art. Imaginative skills are combined with the gender and natural material constraints of wool, cotton, linen, and the innovative materials of the future.
Ongoing research by Saint James is carried out by all the stylists and knitter teams. They concern materials, threads, assemblies, blends of natural materials or new knitting techniques.

The Saint James style is easy to spot. «Casual chic», easy-to-wear, comfortable, just like your own lifestyle and the way you wear your clothes.

The nautical style is chic, timeless, and easy to spot. Our team is proud to promote the Saint James lifestyle with more than 130 years of history.