s4 jackets

This German brand’s core believe  is that there are 4 things that make a man attractive, successful, and confident. Self-assuredness, style, smartness, and a certain type of sportiness.

S4 Jackets sees fashion through the eyes of men who are no longer trying to find out who they are, but who are at peace with themselves. Both in life and fashion. Clear silhouettes, clear edges. Why succumb to the dictate of what a “man” should wear as a Jacket? Stylistically confident, nonchalant, discerning.

Inspired by design, architecture, and the lifestyle of international metropolises, S4 Jackets has remained true to their chosen path for more than 20 years. Yet, despite this, time and again the brand demonstrates the courage to question this and define a new direction on jackets and coat design.

S4 Jackets believes trends come and go, but quality remains. This is why the brand invests just as much passion in the look as they do in manufacturing. Paying attention to details and are being willed to risk everything except compromises.

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