Born in 1987, Eden Park is about the ingenuity and inspiration that bring a touch of light-heartedness and rigour – one of the key attributes of rugby – to brand’s products, which are also guided by their powerful DNA.

It is about that surprising French creative know-how, that little “je ne sais quoi” that makes both our products and our rugby unique, sometimes unexpected, and always distinctive and high-end.

Eden Park‘s creations are made to the most stringent standards in terms of quality, while always being right on-trend. With its discreet use of customisations and embroidery subtly coordinated with different fabrics and raw materials, the main goal of the founder Franck Mesnel and all his teams is to champion refined products and elegant silhouettes.

You can be sure that Eden Park will guarantee you the best of this inspiration, to share fashion that fuses the latest trends with our truly distinctive identity – a magical combination that makes us UNIQUE.