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Established in 2011 by M.A.Heffernan, Double H Agency is a multi-branded fashion agency representing contemporary menswear, womenswear, and Kidswear European brands. We work personally with each collection to identify the right customer and local retailer for every brand in the UK market.

We are a full service showroom offering total brand support from sales and in-house brand consulting, to marketing and media services. We represent international brands in their transition into the UK market.

Our challenge is to preserve our brand’s story and image while effectively translating it into new markets. A 800sqm space, both cool and modern, in Highbury & Islington historical area in Central London, perfectly connected to tube, train stations and airports helps on that.

Over the past 10 years, we have continued to successfully develop unfamiliar brands into iconic household names. We have established close relationships with the top retailers across the UK and Ireland.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and the personal relationships we have developed with our retailers over the years. Likewise, the brands we work with respect our ability to seamlessly connect them with the best retail channels and effectively translate their brand to the UK and Irish market.

  • Fashion Agency for UK & Ireland
  • Marketing and PR
  • Concessions, Department Stores corners and e-commerce

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Double H Agency specialises in sales of European and internationally known menswear and womenswear fashion labels sourced from Europe. Our brands are carefully selected to offer to the UK and Irish retail market a unique point of difference and the ability to compete on the high street and their own local markets.

We are based in Highbury and Islington, in Central London, with a 800sqm where we have a team of 5 people allowing us to offer a high level of sales, customer service and credit control. This give customers and brand partners one central point of contact.

We believe it’s important as a showroom to offer the fundamentals to our current and prospective stockists. One key area of focus when selecting our brands is margin and we try to achieve an above average mark up where possible whilst maintaining competitive retail prices.

Double H Agency is 2 times nominated fashion agency by Drapers and we are proud that we have been recognised for our presence since 2011 in all tradeshows across the UK. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our independent boutiques with our brands being stocked across more than 200 of the best UK retailers.

Photo 23 05 2018 19 06 26 1Double H Agency offers our brand partners in-house bespoke marketing and PR services. We believe PR, communication and marketing plays an important role in helping build brand recognition and traction, both in support of the sell in and sell through of product. We have teamed up with a well-connected London based PR agency and Wholesale magazines to offer our brand partners this service.

We work closely with our brands, their marketing and communication departments to find the key points of the brand that helps us to identify the core target consumer as well as the best channels to develop the presence of the brand in the UK and the appropriate distribution channels.

We then tailor our seasonal marketing plans to target those channels in the most cost effective way. This include direct mailing, a virtual online showroom, e-campaigns, promotions across all our social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn alongside direct showroom actions that can be placed thanks to our 800 sqm showroom.

We are very proactive in marketing our brands to the trade and in supporting our retailers with local promotions and sell through. This may include store staff training, in store promotions window displays, enhanced branded point of sale, enhanced visuals to full shop corners. We also work with influencers to drive consumer brand awareness.

Photo 31 05 2019 12 40 19 1 1Double H agency is well connected to the key UK department stores and ecommerce platforms. We run a unique concept to showcase brands in standalone concessions.

The benefits to our brand partners:

  • A high level of retail knowhow
  • Full retail operations including regional operations
  • Store staff training
  • Visual Merchandising (VM)
  • Stock control
Marc Querol

Marc Querol

Wholesale and Communication Manager
“Full of Energy and passionate on his job always a pain for the workmates but always trying to help everyone as much as he can.”
He is also the Brand Manager for Eden Park, S4 Jackets, Saint James, Pat & Can, and Happy Shorts.

Juan Hernandez

Brand Manager

“Spanish blood with English touch. Full of big smiles and the person that you would like to deal with when you need some sample to try, as he is a XXS.”

He is also the brand manager of Garcia, Carlos Cordoba, Sunwill & Lavard.

Sonia Fanton

Customer Service Manager

“Sonia is the babysitter of Double H Agency and all our customers. If you have an issue with deliveries or faulty she is your contact.”


Lysette Ngoma

Senior Accounts Manager

“Lysette is living in a room full of paperwork columns and big calculators to help you and our brands in the accounting side.”


Gautam Muchhadiya

Accounts Assistant

“Always nice to talk with him and get a big smile after his advices and understanding.”