Eden Park, a brand with more than 30 years of expertise, has developed the womenswear line in the last decade with a really unique signature.

It is about that surprising French creative know-how, that little “je ne sais quoi” that makes the women’s collection, sometimes unexpected, and always distinctive and high-end.

The Eden Park women’s selection uses the fundamentals of the brand, the strapping of the rugby jersey, the oval for the pockets and the buttons, the exclusive material for the shirts but the edge between the male wardrobe does not stop there and the dresses adopt the straight cut look, while the pants adopt the high waist.

This masculine-feminine style is the look of the Parisian.

Discover the Eden Park womenswear outfits that are comfy and with the best quality plus a chic touch from the French Style. Fashion that fuses the latest trends with our truly distinctive identity – a magical combination that makes UNIQUE every single piece.