Welcome Olow

OLOW collections are an invitation to travel, to discover, to meet new people and new artists. Collaborations are the essence of the brand. More than a hundred illustrators, painters,

photographers, tattooers… (for some of them known at an international level, such as Jean Jullien, Steven Harrington, Lucas Beaufort, or Supakitch…) have collaborated with OLOW.

Ethics are also at the heart of the project. The entire production is in Portugal, some 60 kilometers from Porto. The factories are family-owned, and all our partners on the ground take care of the well-being of their employees, both in terms of wages and working conditions.

Olow AW21 menswear outfit

Over time, we have nurtured real relationships with them, and some of our manufacturers have even become good friends. When we visit them, we often spend our evenings listening to the sound of an accordion and take great pleasure in watching their children grow up.

Most of the materials we choose to work with our environmentally friendly: organic cotton, Seaqual, linen, recycled wool… Today, far from the Parisian cellar we started out in, OLOW operates two cozy shops in Paris where we regularly organize exhibitions. The team has

grown and now counts 8 people, some of us in Paris and some in Nantes.

With OLOW, we are sure that our carbon footprint has been the lowest since we started, and we will be sure that we will keep respecting as much as we can the human behavior and the world with all our partners.

Be part of the change in the fashion world by being part of the OLOW Family!

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