Starting up in 1963, Sunwill has prided itself on manufacturing trousers with just the right details, the perfect fit, and the highest quality.

We know that the difference between a good pair of trousers and a fantastic pair of trousers is found in the details. A lot of the time, compromises must be made with the design, functionality, or quality.

When you take a closer look at Sunwill‘s trousers – you can see as well as feel the difference.

Today, Sunwill is a stronger brand than ever. The success can be put down in part to the ability to constantly develop, as well as a strong conviction to maintaining their tradition of uncompromisingly high quality.

Whether you opt for a pair of classic trousers or a pair for a relaxed-looking one, you will experience the eye for detail, unique features like water-resistant or stain-less, and commitment to high quality.

The brand is constantly developing its products and adding new details to create trousers with the perfect fit for the quality-conscious man.