Saint James in the press last April

Last April presence of Saint James in the press

During the last month of April, our womenswear and menswear French brand Saint James has been couping different publications online and printed in the UK. In those magazines, we have seen basically how iconic it is the brand and a brief summary of his history and as well as iconic pieces.

All the press releases agreed that if you are looking for the right french Breton stripes the unique and authentic “Made in France” one it is the Saint James style. Everything starts when we have seen the Duchess of Cambridge wearing the iconic stripes knitwear. From that point, everyone starts linking the brand to the appearance of the princess and how an iconic piece never day.

Woman & Home Magazine

Following Kate Middleton wearing a Breton last Friday, Woman&Home Online has published an article on Bretons that you can “wear forever and [that] remind us of a certain Duchess”, where the Saint James Maree II jumper has been included. The journalist, Becky Joiner O’Riordan, mentions that the “classic cream and navy [version of the jumper] will always be [her] favourite.”

The article also described the history of the Breton and cites Saint James as the “original manufacturer of the iconic Breton stripe sweater” who has been producing them since 1850. It then goes on to explain that Saint James’ Bretons were “made the official Navy uniform in France” from 1858 because they “were woven so tightly that they were waterproof” and “the striped design meant that any person washed overboard was easier to spot and rescue”.

OK Magazin online & You Magazine onlineBest breton stripes

OK! Online’s Fashion Editor included Saint James in her round-up of their “high street favourites…so you can steal Kate’s style”, and YOU Online featured the Minquiers Moderne in their shopping round up of “the best Breton tops”, of which Saint James’ style is described as “iconic”. The price is actually incorrect in this credit, but we have contacted journalists at YOU Online to change this as soon as possible.

Good HouseKeeping

Finally, Saint James has been included in Good Housekeeping Online’s “Best Breton Tops To Buy Now For Spring/Summer” round up. The curator mentions in the text that the Breton is “easily worn in so many different ways” and “remains to this day the pinnacle of casual but stylish dressing.” The Naval Femme Striped Jersey is featured within the gallery, alongside a comment that “these classic Bretons were first made centuries ago [and were] the original styles used for fishermen”.


Marie Claire choose Saint James

Marie Claire MAree II Marie Claire choose the Maree II has been featured in the latest “Hot List” round up on Marie Claire Online, which consists of “what’s new in your favourite stores and online this week”.

So as you can see, this April has been a month full of different things but everyone agreed that one of the most iconic “Breton style” it is the Made in France Saint James style.

Saint James, a unique brand Made in France ( Made in Europe )

As you know we are facing a new time and we want to encourage you to discover Saint James womenswear and menswear collection and appreciate the quality, the made in Europe sign as well as other different features that you will find inside the great collection that Saint James is offering to you. If you would like to discover it for the first time please don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected] and feel it by yourself.