Pure Functional Shirts and Hatico new brands

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Discover Pure Functional and Hatico

The German brand Hatico has landed in Double H Agency after an agreement was reached last September with the brand.

The shirt manufactured has a long history inside fashion becoming some of the first shirt manufacturers in Germany, founded in 1947.

After several years in the industry, Hatico keep the classic shirt look with unique prints and amazing cotton shirts that make the brand appealing to anyone that would like to dress to impress.

After several years they also want to keep the brand on top of the fashion revolution and for that reason in 1996 they created “Pure Functional“. Pure Functional shirt DNA is innovative, lifestyle, and tries to keep the latest in the trends of colour, form, and also technical features. That brings Pure Functional shirts develop a unique fabric that makes the shirt, the “perfect business or casual shirt” depending on the style you go for.

All Pure Functional shirts are breathable, UV protect, non-iron, recycled fabric as well as 4 ways stretchy, making the shirt, the perfect to go cycling to work, to use as a travel shirt for those who want to look always dapper.

Hatico and Pure Functional are dived inside with the following, Hatico sport, Hatico casual, Hatico classic, Pure red label, Pure white label, and Pure Functional shirts.

With this new shirt brand, Double H Agency completes a wide range of opportunities who wants to have a unique look inside the shop. 

If you would like to discover them, please drop an email to sales@doublehagency.com.

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