Pat & Can is one of the leading Spanish brands of premium men’s swimwear. Their swimsuits are fully designed, printed, and manufactured in Spain, using the best swimwear fabrics in the world. The top fabric of the collection is a quick-drying polyamide with a ground finish that is treated against the effects of chlorine, salt, and light.

They have recently incorporated ultralight technical polyester and recycled materials following the latest trends in men’s swimwear. All their designs are exclusive as well as the finishing, accessories, and packaging, which transmit to our clients the high quality and uniqueness of each swimsuit.

Pat & Can’s collections have an inspiration that conveys their Mediterranean origin. A blend of Italian design, French style and the colours, the light and good life of the region. The brand also offers a line for children aged 2 to 12 years old that can be purchased to match the swimsuit of their father.