Eden Park launch AW16 new collection


Last Thursday and Wednesday Double H Agency were in Paris to assist in the presentation of the new Autum/Winter collection from Eden Park. Ward Mann, the brand manager of the brand in Double H Agency and Marc Querol form the marketing department where in Paris to discover each detail of the new Eden Park AW16 collection.

Eden Park brand is offering a menswear collection in which the clothing takes on a modern feel both in terms of its style and through the choice of materials. The Firm always takes winter seriously, offering ultra-warm, very comfortable articles, with a kind subtlety in the details which shades into elegance. This love of details («sprezzatura», as the Italians call it) has always been one of the brand’s key characteristics, with its combination of nonchalance, boldness and discrepancy, right down into the smallest finishing, and for nearly 30 years has made it an unparalleled brand in the world of trendy chic.

The appropriation of the sportswear touch, with jackets very prominent, can be seen right across the collection, with a multitude of details.The Sports line remains traditional, and is loyal to the brand’s values, but the novelty of this season is that it consists of two themes:
Authentic sport, inspired by the «French major university» look
Cruise sport, a very colourful version (French blue, coral, red, yellow and green), confirming that the brand is not always associated with navy blue and pink, and sky blue and white.
The Club line is trending towards luxuriant comfort, in which the success of the rugby and premium values confirms that Eden Park works material with excellence.

Eden-Park-AW16-Menswear-Double-H-post-2The success of the mix of fundamentals of rugby (cut/sewn horizontal stripey top) and noble materials are combined with measurement (wool/cashmere), giving products with optimum comfort. The 100% chiné cotton hooped jersey is set to be one of the best of the season.

The nylon/wool/nylon/wool horizontal stripey down jacket, or the «patched» down jacket (nylon with wool pockets) will be the essential element in the changing room. The cut/sewn blazer with its front, sleeves and back made of tropical worsted wool with 3 different tones will be the jacket which will give a silhouette with contemporary elegance.

For Eden Park a winter without a pullover is inconceivable, and this season it is assuming great importance. Eden Park is offering a range full of sensual delight, in which the working of the material contributes an infinitely delicate touch. Rolled neck, V-neck, cardigan and plain pullover are the knitwear stars, making reference to the brand’s cherished horizontal stripes style. It is suggested by a subtle mix of worked knits (thick broad gauge or twists), made of 100% extra-fine Merino wool, or 90% extra-fine Merino wool/10% cashmere.

Denim is becoming quite a strong theme, and is banking on visual appeal, with new shapes and new textures for Autumn/Winter 2016/17. Double-stretch jeans jackets, providing absolute comfort, will become a key element of menswear. This essential jeans trend is improving «ordinary» profiles,giving winter clothing an «avant-garde» touch.

It is an intelligent way to personalise your style without going over the top, with sly nods and winks, and a means of every so often revitalising a basis for classic dressing to which customers remain loyal.

This season Eden Park is presenting a much more complete «city» collection, with 28 suits, 4 of them double-breasted, which will delight those who like this trend. 8 overcoats and trench coats are also in the mix, with multi-pocket technical outerwear. The colours of this Autumn/Winter 2016/17 menswear collection are natural, and represent the colours found on the roofs of Paris, in monochromes of grey, brown, khaki green, blue and beige.

And, indeed, camel has inspired a capsule collection (wool and cashmere pullovers, hat and scarf, overcoat). A camel overcoat, worn casually, or with a dark costume, will keep you warm but will also give you style. It is a successful appropriation of styles, a never-ending perfecting of details, making Eden Park the elegant sport-inspired Parisian brand.


January 15, 2016