Eden Park with Marc Muniesa in Double H Agency 1Last month we had a very special visit at Double H Agency – the Catalan Premier League player Marc Muniesa dropped by our showroom to have a look at all of our menswear brands. He simply see what Double H Agency has on offer to all the menswear shops.

Charming and friendly, the Barcelona native is passionate about fashion and style with a difference. One look at his social networks – such as his Instagram account, on which he has almost 200,000 followers, and Twitter account, on which he has over half a million followers – and you’ll see that Marc Muniesa is not only a successful premier league player and family man but also a young, style-conscious individual who truly enjoys fashion.

The Stoke City Player

The Stoke City FC player, who has been based in the UK since 2013, told Double H Agency that when it comes to fashion he likes clothes with character – always after interesting and unique details, it’s no surprise he was instantly drawn to our Double H brands. He especially loved the functional and fashionable designs from German outerwear label S4 Jackets, as well as French label Eden Park’s signature detailing across many of its separates. He was also impressed with Belgian brand AMOV’s minimalism yet distinctive approach to basics and the brand’s strong ethos and values. Muniesa have done this visit taking advantage of his trip to London during the week and spent almost 2 hours looking around our 800sqm showroom with more than 10 different brands.

Double H Agency with Marc Muniesa

Active in Social Media

The Double H Agency team was delighted to have Marc Muniesa visit the agency and to get such great feedback from him.You can follow him here (@muniesa and @muniesa92) and why not follow us too (@doublehagency and @doublehagency) to see what else we get up to in our showroom?

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