The Garcia jeans story reads like an exciting boys’ book that just keeps triggering your imagination. The adventure begins when Isabella Mablona Garcia and Maurizio Luigi give birth to their distinctive jeans in 1977 in the jean’s valley of the Italian Urbania and combine their contemporary designs with pure craftsmanship.

Early in the story the Dutch company Eurobrooks discovers the Mediterranean look and feel of these jeans. Together they set out to become a progressive, casual denim brand for men, women, and kids.

The Garcia Woman is proud, confident, and strong. She is a Cosmopolitan Woman who carries a stylish, sexy look with an effortless feel. All women are beautiful. We at Garcia have no size or age restrictions, no confined beauty ideals.

We want to help our customer to love and respect herself. Adding a little sparkle to her life. Providing the clash of cool denim trends with a strong sense of feminine elegance.

The women’s collection bridges denim and effortless elegance. We fulfill the needs and wants of the many different sides of a modern woman.