At Double H Agency when we select the brands portfolio, we always do with this ethical conscious that need to be applied in the Fashion world to be able to achieve the compromise with the planet.

Due to that, all the brands that we represent are creating each collection improving in that direction. From PFC free during the last 6 collections of S4 Jackets, recycled materials in Eden Park outwear, along with their long-lasting pima cotton collection, to the organic cotton line inside Carlos Cordoba, the Made in Europe from Sunwill, Lavard and Carlos Cordoba or the GOT certificate for Saint James styles.

The ethical and eco conscious behaviour in S4 Jackets has started 3 years ago with the implementation of the PFC free inside all the styles, so avoiding completely using the more dangerous fibres inside the collection. However, they keep improving with the new washing machines that they have in their own factories reducing the use of water to give colours to the garments and as well with the organic cotton lines and the 100% ECO collection of jackets with recycled fibres.

S4 Jackets Eco

If we talk about Garcia, we can say that they have developed a completely Organic line as well as all the jeans are produced with organic or BCI cotton, saving in this way more than 2M of water to get them produced. Hangtags and all marketing material has been developed with recycled paper. Finally, we can say that Garcia is proud to say that they are using almost 40% less water and chemical products than last year.

Tree for Garcia

If we refer now to Saint James, we can find out inside the collection an increase of GOT certificate pieces, that recognised requirements for organic textiles. From the harvesting of the raw materials, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labeling, textiles certified to the consumer. Moreover, the implementation of Organic cotton in more lines and the Made in France complete an amazing eco-conscious of this lifestyle brand.

Saint James organic cotton t-shirt

Finally, we are also proud to represent 3 brands that have all the processes of production based in Europe and with organic lines on the top of the EU manufacturing. These 3 brands are Carlos Cordoba, a specialised producer of shirts based in Spain, Sunwill a danish brand who has developed the full production with special and technical materials in Poland and, finally Lavard who produces 100% of his styles in Poland.

This is Double H Agency statement and compromises together with the brands to help in the eco and ethical fashion.