How our brands are helping to fight Covid-19?

The fight of Covid-19 by our brands

These days around the world there is just one subject “COVID-19”. The virus that started in Wuhan and has been spread around the world, have become a nightmare in all the countries.

Double H Agency, is the UK agency for so different brands based in different countries around Europe and that provides us a different perspective and also at the same time be able to see one objective in each country, the defeat and the final of COVID-19 crisis.

To be able to do that, we can see how our European brands have been helping the country of origin in each case and we would like to explain to you the way how all of them helped their countries.

Saint James

Saint James masks for COVIDSaint James is momentarily shifting its activity to produce protective masks for the human and material environment towards to health institutions and for hospitals.

These protective masks, made of washable cotton, consist of two layers of cotton fabric and a layer of cotton fleece placed between the two layers. They are machine washable at 60 ° C after 3 hours of continuous use without handling.

This mask is used to block the emission of spits when you speak, breathe, sneeze and cough. It does not protect against contamination from the outside. It is not a substitute for the FFP2 mask.

Its objective is to facilitate the maintenance of the activity of health establishments by allowing the reorientation of personal protective masks towards caregivers.

These masks will initially be exclusively and free of charge intended for the Mont Saint-Michel hospital group (via the Avranches Hospital Center).

With the raw materials currently in stock at Saint James, the company can make 20,000 masks; but has already contacted suppliers to source the necessary materials to ensure continuity of production.

Carlos Cordoba

The Spanish brand Carlos Cordoba has swift his production to help the difficult situation that Spain is living on these days.

With all his production potential through the small ateliers that they have in Cordoba, they have started to produce masks and also lab coats to supply different hospitals in Cordoba and Andalucia.

Carlos Cordoba masksThe shirts and trousers brand is now producing all this medical equipment to help with the fight of the Covid-19 in Spain, making a huge donation of material, people workload and distribution.



Our polish brand Lavard, has also swapped the production of blazers or coats for masks and lab coats. Lavard has understood that it is just a moment to help as much as they can to their country to fight the COVID-19 crisis.

Lavard MasksThe production has been started after a few weeks of the worldwide crisis. Lavard is providing this equipment to the employees, hospitals and different parts of Poland that the government asked for help.

With this cotton mask, they provide extra equipment required in the middle of the crisis. They have done these masks using the textile fabrics they have stocked and submitted them a special washing and treatment to be able to be used as COVID protection.

Double H brands helping the fight

So, as you can see, all brands from Spain, France or Poland have been swapping their production to make medical equipment. That will help the difficult times that we are now living through all the world. This is how Carlos Cordoba, Saint James and Lavard are showing his compromise with their countries.